A full day at Versailles Guided Tour

Public apartments, gardens and Marie-Antoinette's hamlet
Full Day
From 280 euros

The Palace – public apartments : Versailles, formerly king Louis XIII’s hunting estate, was transformed by his son Louis XIV into the spectacular palace it is today, then the seat of power where fabulous parties also took place. During this visit, you will discover the public apartments of Versailles, dedicated to receptions, the royal chambers as well as the Hall of Mirrors, the stateroom where ambassadors were greeted and the throne room. A must-see!

The gardens: The gardens of Versailles were as big an initiative as the palace. The undertaking was seen through by none other than André Le Nôtre, the king’s gardener. Considering the fact that there was no water in Versailles to supply to the fountains, he diverted certain streams and set up several reservoirs big enough to supply water to the dozens of fountains that decorate the 93 hectares of gardens.

Marie-Antoinette’s estate : in 1774, Louis XVI gave Marie-Antoinette the smaller palace known as le Petit Trianon, formerly built for Madame de Pompadour. This estate was a haven of serenity for the queen, far from courtly etiquette, where she enjoyed being able to impose her tastes and hobbies, like drama. During this tour, we will have the pleasure of visiting both the queen’s palace and its gardens, its cave, and its famous “hamlet”.

Lieu de rendez-vous

In front of the entrance reserved for groups (to the left of the chapel) Versailles Rive gauche (RER C)