Modern art at the Pompidou Center

A discovery of modern art
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Guided tour of the Pompidou center

The Pompidou center has one of the most beautiful collections of modern art (1905-1965) in the world.  100000 works are catalogued in the museum! First housed in the Luxembourg museum and then in the Palais de Tokyo, the collection moved to its new location in 1977 in an original construction by the architect Renzo Piano. This monument which is unique in the world is meant to house works of art…. and only works of art! Indeed all that is functional (water pipes, air conditioning system) is left outside, giving the building a futuristic look.

More recently, the museum also has an important collection of design and new media. It also regularly hosts projections, performances and conferences.

On top of all that, the museum has one of the best views of Paris!


What does a guided tour of the Pompidou Centre with With’art include?

I invite you to discover this museum with a guided tour which will take you from Fauvism to Pop Art, with artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Kasimir Malevitch or René Magritte. It can sometimes be difficult to get your bearings amongst all these movements and concepts which have punctuated the XXth century, but this was the result of a very complex social and political context, influenced in particular by the two world wars.

The museum possesses often changing collections and a shifting scenography but during this visit, we will journey chronologically through modern art. We will go from figurative to abstract via conceptual art and design. Small themed exhibitions can also be seen throughout our visit.

It is also of course the chance to discover the architectural contemporary masterpiece built by Renzo Piano!

Lieu de rendez-vous

In front of the sculpture of Calder to the left of the main entrance of the museum Metro Rambuteau (line 11) or Hotel de ville (line 1 or 11)