The Holy Chapel Guided Tour

The jewel of the city island
2 hours
From 160 €

This formerly royal chapel was built according to Louis IX’s wishes (also known as saint Louis) in order to keep the relics of the Passion of Christ. It was completed in very little time! It is one of the most beautiful monuments on l’Ile de la Cité. Today still, one is awestruck by the chapel’s shape meant to imitate that of a reliquary and the feeling of being inside a glass cage.

The stained glass windows, which were almost all restored, tell the story of these relic and how they arrived in France. Within the building, you will discover two floors: the first floor was dedicated to the people living in the castle and the second floor to the king and his family.

Lieu de rendez-vous

In front of the entrance of the Holy Chapel, in front of the line to enter the Chapel and Justice Palace Cité (line 4)