Wine Tasting in Paris

Would you like a wine tasting during your stay in Paris ?

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All about French Wine

If you want to know everything about french wine : the different “terroirs”, the grapes, how to read a label and to choose the best wine for the meal you are eating!

Wine and cheese tasting

Wine and cheese… What is more french than that? During this tasting you will taste a selection of typical french cheese combined with surprising wines

Wine and chocolate

Wine and chocolate : what and interesting combinaison, especially for french people! During this tasting you will see that chocolate can be combined with a great variety of wines


Where is the tasting? 

The tasting would be organized in a wine cellar in the center of Paris (1st arrondissement, near the Pompidou Center)

How long is it?

Each tasting last 2 hours


Please don’t hesitate to tell me if you’ve got any allergies or a special diet

How many wines?

You will taste 5 wines 

And the price?

Each tasting costs 80 euros per person (available from 2 people)

And Champagne?

If you want to include one glass of champagne, the price will be 90 euros per person